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From the Houston Marijuana Investment Conference: Ripley's Formula

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From the Houston Marijuana Investment Conference: Ripley's Formula

Another one of the interesting products featured at the Houston Marijuana Invesment Conference this week is a new cannabis-infused beverage called Ripley's Formula.  The drink isn't, of course, legal in Texas, so my student Griffin Scheumack didn't get a chance to sample it, but he reports that there are some positives to the new product:

    Ripley’s Formula debuted at the Marijuana Investment Convention this last weekend. This "magical elixir product," say developers, is an instant-acting beverage, unlike edibles now that have a delayed response.

    Founder Tony Alfiere says the company's aim is to solve the problems surrounding edibles, in which consumers often have difficulty determining the dose they want to enjoy.  The unique -- and counterintutive -- aspect of Ripley’s is that it contains no THC itself.  On the contrary, Ripley's allows bottlers to buy their secret formula and add Cannabis Oil and water to complete their product. Each bottle, roughly the size of a 5-Hour Energy, will consist of a consistent amount of THC, allowing the consumer to regulate how high he or she wants to get.   

    In my view developments like this are great advancements for the edible/beverage field of the cannabis industry and provide a more regulated and safer product for the consumer.