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Tony Alfiere, Author & Cannabis Industry Notable, Set for MENSA Keynote

Cannabis Sector Expert Tony Alfiere to Present: Cannabusiness - What's Now, What's New, What's Next? at MENSA Annual Gathering

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Tony Alfiere, Author & Cannabis Industry Notable, Set for MENSA Keynote

Tony Alfiere, America's leading cannabis industry expert and author, is slated for a keynote presentation at MENSA's annual conference (MENSA AG – Annual Gathering) July 8th at the Sheraton Conference Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Annual conventional attendees, all members of the prestigious ultra-high IQ society MENSA, will attend Alfiere's lecture: Pot Inc. – What's Now, New, and Next? for Cannabusiness based on his forthcoming similarly titled book wherein he considers:

  • The rules and realities of America's fastest growing industry;
  • Health and economic benefits of the Cannabis industry;
  • Investment options in retail, CBD – wellness, growing, distribution and collateral sectors;
  • A forecast for investors, medical professionals, and other interested professions.

Tony Alfiere is one of the best known U.S. experts on the business, wellness, and practical aspects of the cannabis sector and COO of Tech Holdings, an amalgam of intellectual property assets and investments in a score of companies from growers to CBD consumer product developers and beyond.

"MENSA annual conference attendees are an ideal audience to look beyond the smoke, mirrors, hype, and political posturing to see the realities and potential of an industry more valuable than the NFL economically and poised to change the face of Life Sciences for the benefit of mankind."

The MENSA Annual Gathering is the first stop on Alfiere's 2019 lecture tour.

Mr. Alfiere is represented by Platform Strategy [hidden email]

MENSA is an international society with the membership qualification standardized testing results in the population's top 2%. The nonprofit's purpose is to conduct research in psychology and social science, identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity and serve as a means for stimulating intellectual and social contacts among its membership.

About Tony Alfiere: Tony is a pioneer of the U.S. cannabis industry and COO of Tech Holdings, an investment group with cannabis related intellectual property assets and investments in scores of early stage firms in or collateral to the cannabis industry. Tony's expert commentary has been featured in national media as diverse as Rolling Stone and The New York Times, CNN, USA Today and others. He is the author of Pot Inc.: An Entrepreneur's Guide to the Cannabis Industry set for late 2019 release at Sutton Hart Press.