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Pot "shot" now available in Aspen

Aspen Public Radio - Local News
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A new cannabis product available in Aspen is reflective of the exponential growth of the edible marijuana industry.

Part-time Aspen resident Tripp Keber is the CEO of Dixie Brands — an infused-cannabis product company. That means THC-laced cookies, chocolates, gummies … you name it

“I was dubbed the Willy Wonka of weed, which my mother wasn’t that thrilled about,” said Keber.

Dixie Elixirs is now distributing Quigley’s — a two ounce liquid “shot” of pot. The two locations in Aspen that carry the product were among the first in the state to place it on their shelves. Makers of Quigley’s boast that the THC consumed through the shot takes effect quickly, unlike other edibles whose delayed-onset effects can result in over-dosing. This is a breakthrough in an industry that has already seen multi-million dollar gains.

“The state of Colorado sold over 996 million - just four million short of one billion dollars,” said Keber of the 2014 pot-sales numbers.  “Of that, over 50 percent  - 500 million dollars - of infused products was sold. As compared to 5 million dollars sold in 2010.”

Tony Alfiere invented the pot shot when a friend of his wanted to use medical marijuana but without the side effects of smoking pot.

“It’s something you can take anytime. You don't smell like you just medicated. Your eyes don't turn red and you don't cough and those kind of things. It removes some of that stigma for a medical patient allowing them to get relief when they need it,” said Alfiere.   

Quigley’s is quick and discreet for anyone who uses it. During the X Games samples of the product were available for free at Boogies. Keber says the type of private pot club set up at the downtown establishment could become a new norm.

“Literally there were no issues whether it be from police to the fire department to city council members all came through the facility.”

Alfiere says we are a long way from someone being able to walk up to a bar and have their choice of a marijuana-infused drink or a bottle of beer — for one thing, he says, his pot shot is a one-and-done product, and would not be profitable for bars compared to a customer's full night of drinking. And secondly, no bills in the state legislature this session would allow for bars to sell marijuana products.


Quigley's boasts that it's quick effect and reliable dosing are an advantage over other infused products. The 50ml bottle comes with a dosing cup.