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The next great industry to emerge... in the great American tradition of free market entrepreneurialism - Steve Katz on CNN Money

Tony Alfiere is an expert with nearly 30 years of experience in developing profitable cannabis grow and marijuana retail outlet operations. His vast list of consulting clients include novice growers, mid-to-large scale grow operations, retail startups, retail marijuana expansion, and helps early-stage (Angel) investors to seek profits in the murky landscape of America's fastest developing industry.

Tony provides unmatched business acumen earned as Chief Operations Officer (COO) of two tech startups and extensive cannabis product development. His product knowledge stems from a five-year quest in the lab creating marijuana-based natural remedies to help close friends manage serious medical conditions. 

Tony has since dedicated his life to helping those in need by the further development of multiple patented thc-based and hemp-based wellness products. Recently, he has produced hemp-infused product lines for both people and their pets. His groundbreaking technological work has allowed him to create remarkably fast-acting products which provide true relief to all who use it. 

As a respected Potprenuer and marijuana business expert, Tony Alfiere is a frequent speaker across the US, media commentator, and author of Pot Inc. (Sutton Hart 2019).