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The next great industry to emerge... in the great American tradition of free market entrepreneurialism - Steve Katz on CNN Money

Tony Alfiere is an expert in developing profitable cannabis grow operations and setting up successful marijuana retail outlets. His consulting clients include novice growers, mid to large scale grow operations, retail startups, expanding marijuana retailers, and angel or early stage investors seeking profits in the murky landscape of America's fastest developing industry.

Tony brings the practical business sense earned as COO of two tech startups and broad cannabis experience developed in a five year quest for marijuana-based solutions to two friends' serious medical conditions to a sector where industry-specific business acumen, experience, and information are rarities.

A frequent speaker and media commentator on the realities and opportunities in the cannabis sector, Tony Alfiere has multiple patents pending for 420-based products. He eschews policy arguments and focuses on commercial aspects of the marijuana industry, the subject of his upcoming book Profiting at Prohibition's End (Sutton Hart 2014).